Working with SSRS – Sql Server Reporting Services

So I started my new job doing .NET Consulting work using the 3.5 framework last week unfortunately the start of my job has mostly been limited to updating stored procedures in sql server (thank god I’m done with you oracle) and the reports in sql server reporting services (SSRS) that use them. SSRS sure seems to have alot of quirks and some unusual functionality.

Through out my upcoming days I’ll be posting any minor tips or ins and out that I stumble upon to have them tied together in 1 post both for my reference and hopefully the benefit of others.

Tip #1 –  Inserting text or a Line Break into a text box on the report with data fields

=Fields!LastName.Value & “, ” & Fields!FirstName.Value & vbCrLf & Fields!MiddleName.Value

Tip #2 – Convert a DateTime field to only display the Date portion


Tip #3 – Working with bit flags and IIf statement proper comparison, note case after the equality

iif(Parameters!IsBitFlagSetForSomething.Value = True, “Bit Flag is set”, “Bit Flag is not set”)

Tip #4 Alternating Row background colors, set the background property to:

=iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, “LightGrey”,”white”)

More to come hopefully


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