Sql Server 2008 File Streaming

So today I was talking in the office about how much Sql Server has grown especially with the relase of 2008 where it really can stand up against Oracle performance wise and even beat Oracle in performance when dealing with Binary and other BLOB type data structures.

If you’re not aware of this feature in Sql Server 2008 you can chose to stream data to be sent to the file system of the server (or probably any mapped network location) instead of it being stored inside the table structure which massively shrinks the table size which immensely improves performance that the table doesn’t have a few hundred megs or into gigabytes of binary data to sift through while it’s doing row relational operations.

I found an example of this on RDoherty’s blog on MSDN while also browsing his blog his newest post also had top 10 new features / enhancements of Sql Server 2008 for Developers both are a great read.

Getting Traction with SQL Server 2008 Filestream

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