Wow, I honestly feel pride. A year ago when I started my blog I never imagined this is where it would be at today. At first I started it to share the information I learned about the problems I faced with Oracle since I spent over 3 days trying to accomplish a simple task of writing an xml string to oracle over 2,000 characters! When I initially wrote that post, my blog had the only conclusive answer that I could find as I had to spend lots of time searching both java and microsoft forums related to oracle to get any information.

Since then I’ve watched my blog grow from a handful of visitors and a few comments to 20,000 views and over 100 comments. I want to thank everyone of you that’s taken the time to read any of rantings or design ideas and I especially want to thank every person that has taken the time to offer input on anything I’ve wrote. See you all again at 50,000!


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