StructuredWeb Alpha 1

After my long road down the rabbit hole of object orientated design, inversion of control, NHibernate, Fluent NHibernate I’ve finally reached a point where I feel my codebase is stable enough to almost warrant my beta 1 release. I switched from Unity as my DI container to StructureMap and definitely feel this was a good call especially the timing of the 2.5.3 release of StructureMap where it natively includes the BuildUp method and natively includes the functionality I had to add with custom lifetime managers for wrapping my objects into the HttpContext and HtttpSession.

Just recently I published my implementation of Business Conversation per Transaction session management along with my repository pattern I followed for StructuredWeb. I still haven’t gotten my second level caching for NHibernate running yet but that will on slate for Beta 2.

See my StructuredWeb Installation page for details for setting it up.

This still needs a little bit of work for me to qualify it as a beta but since I checked everything into Assembla I figured I’d announce it’s alpha release since the code is already available online.


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