It’s been a while!

It’s definitely been a while since I updated my blog with a new post that’s going to change starting again today. While this one really won’t have any new content I just felt like adding some personal thoughts. After my last blog post my software development contract ended unexpectedly which left me with alot of free time other than searching for a new contract to work on. My first thoughts were great, a vacation! Which I used to enjoy a few weeks of my time without having to do anything specific which I haven’t had in my life since probably high school during the summer.  After stepping back for a few weeks I did some casual development on StructuredWeb at home for a little while then started slacking on that. It really is hard to stay focused on the technology world when you’re not exposed to it every day at work especially since software development (especially when done well) isn’t easy and takes alot of will and drive to accomplish, well that ends today.

This Monday I started a new position at a small Insurance company / marketing firm to be their lead architect to drive their technology usage and provide them strategic applications far above their previous piecemeal approach with using some outside contracts for their website. I’m really looking forward to this because finally I don’t have to answer or justify using new technology or different technology (to an extent atleast) for solving software problems. Nothing has ever bothered me more in previous jobs at larger companies where most developers just choose mediocrity at best, or to be abysmal at worst and just don’t care to learn anything new as developers and to just apply bad practices to problems because that’s what they’re familiar with.