Elmah.MVC nuget

I figured since I haven’t been writing much I’m better off posting microblog posts instead of nothing. I came across this package today, Elmah.MVC by @alexbeletsky.

This made things so trivial to setup with Elmah. This is how I will configure all of my future MVC3 applications with Elmah as it takes literally 1 minute now.

(assuming the Nuget package manager console)

PM> Install-Package elmah.xml

PM> Install-Package Elmah.MVC

Uncomment the authorize attribute

[Authorize(Roles = "Admin")]
public class ElmahController : Controller {


I find only the XML version of elmah to be worthwhile. However at some point I might try out the Sql Server Compact edition. I require that my error logging solution not depend on external resources like an external sql server database because if the database goes down you lose even your error logging capability which defeats the purpose.