Comcast Metro Ethernet and How much does it cost?

Comcast has been advertising a new line of service for business users called Comcast Metro Ethernet. This is really just standard fiber to the premises. They do a good job of not making any information available online to figure out pricing.

Recently I was involved with discussions about this service. These figures are loose numbers for the Central PA region. I cannot be certain whether the prices are wildly different across the country. These prices also assume Comcast does not need to incur very significant costs for running fiber to your premises. These costs also expect a multiple year commitment.

Comcast Metro Ethernet is unmetered fiber to the building. You purchase it per megabit and as a symmetric connection. There is no option for asymmetric speed, and there is no option for metered traffic. Basically they expect you to purchase a line that sits idle for a significant portion the month as opposed to selling you service based on actual usage. This is very disappointing.

On to the numbers!

10 mbps – $800/month

20mbps – $1100/month

50mbps – $1500/month

70mbps – $1800/month

100mbps – $2300/month

Not very impressive.

Edit: Apparently my not very impressive remarks are for US high speed internet industry as a whole. Comcast’s pricing was competitive compared against Level 3 and lower cost than most other providers in our region. It’s still disappointing to see that apparently no provider offers a plan along the lines of 500mbps or 1000mbps metered pay as you go. Or even sold with XXXX GB allocated upfront and then per use fees afterwards.