So it’s been a somewhat rather long time since I’ve posted. Numerous times I’ve said to myself I need to dedicate time and post some real blogs. Clearly that didn’t work out. Since that hasn’t absolutely occurred. I’m going to do some pseudo-micro-blogging and talk about some stuff I’ve learned recently. Each post will likely be short, but I’ll have new stuff! Finally!

Also I’ll have an elaborate bookmark for myself. I’m self serving, what can I say.

2 thoughts on “MOAR BLOGZ

    • To write well is definitely a team sport. You need people dedicated to proofing your work. Your brain just isn’t capable of properly proof reading its own work. There’s been times I left out whole words or even half a sentence, read the paragraph 6 times and never once notice it’s wrong. Our brain knows exactly what we meant regardless of what we wrote.

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