So my UnityWeb project (Unity for DI/IoC, MVP pattern, Fluent-Nhibernate) is nearing release stages. I posted the initial source copy on Assembla. I still have some work to do before I feel it’s closer to a final version and do my full write up on here about it. It will most likely become a multipart series for how much technology it encompasses. The majority of which I am no proven expert on but I have made efforts to learn as much as I could and went through alot of the growing pains trying to figure it out on my own and various blogs online. I feel my combined release should make the adaption of a UnityWeb type solution for your personal usage (or in your organization) much easier and quicker than rolling it from the ground up alone.


Assembla – Free Online SVN Source Control Hosting

So I signed up for an account over at Assembla and must say I’m pretty impressed. It’s a website that offers free hosting of user managed source control using SVN. The free accounts can store up to 250MB of source (that’s alot) and open source/volunteer projects can be eligible receive their commercial accounts for free.

Aside from hosting source code it allows many full featured areas of project management from bug and ticket tracking, contionous integration connectivity, project wiki, file hosting and so on. This website is quite amazingly actually for how much it offers.

I will be hosting the source I include with my blog (starting with TaskScheduler) on Assembla. I have set up my space with public view access so you should be able to grab my source with no problems. Should anyone wish to contribute back to the source contact me and I will gladly add you to edit access. I will be adding a page for Assembla along with all my links to it.