Donut Output Caching in ASP.NET MVC 3

Came across this today, Donut Output Caching in ASP.NET MVC 3. This project seems to solve all of the problems that you would encounter with ASP.NET built in OutputCache if you attempted to use it with MVC3. The builtin output cache is very unhelpful for real world MVC applications.

PM> Install-Package MvcDonutCaching


Lync sign in error – personal certificate

So today I sat down at my chair at work and saw I was signed out from Lync. We use office365 (it is hotness) here at work, and was rather perplexed with the error message “Cannot sign in to Lync There was a problem acquiring a personal certificate required to sign in. If the problem continues, contact your support team.”

Called microsoft, and the answer was an extremely strange one but very trivial.

Click the gear to open options, on the personal tab, click advanced, set it to manual.

In the internal/external host addresses enter:

Connect, all should go well.

Click the drop down next to the gear, file, sign out.

Click the gear, personal, advanced, set it back to automatic.

Sign in and the problem for me atleast was resolved.

Hopefully I’ll save some of you out there on the interwebs the 20 minute support phone call with Microsoft and just fix it yourselves. As to why this occurred, my only guess is Microsoft updated some SSL certificate or host IP that didn’t perk through properly for everyone where connecting to the server directly caused the SSL to refresh…. or something. I always love the or something answers.