Assembla is free online collaboration website that offers SVN source code hosting, project management functionality and many other features. I will be hosting all of my source code for my projects here on Assembla.

All my projects will have public view access for any one to download. Should you wish to contribute please contact me.

Marisic.Net Assembla Home

Marisic.Net Documents, Files and Solutions in zip files

Marisic.Net Assembla SVN Connection:

StructuredWeb Solution Browser

StructuredWeb SVN Connection:

Task Scheduler Solution Browser

Task Scheduler SVN Connection:

UnityWeb is retired and has been replaced by StructuredWeb, but should anyone wish to view the old source it’s still available.

UnityWeb Solution Browser

UnityWeb SVN Connection:

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  1. […] I’d be grateful for any feedback on my implementation here: good, bad or indifferent. I feel I’ve finally put together a clean simple to understand post on how to correctly manage NHibernate’s session that doesn’t require implementing the UnitOfWork pattern and leverages dependency injection to keep the code seperated and decoupled as much as possible. The full source to my project as always can be found on my Assembla page. […]

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